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Lighting Hire

Here is our lighting page. We have lots of lighting hire to offer that can be used for events indoors or even outdoors. At Prestige Sound and Light ltd we recognise that lighting is an important part to any event big or small. Therefore, with this in mind we stock a wide range of lighting and even supply lighting packages.

You can create many different effects with lighting hire. From different themes for parties and weddings or if you just want to have a full disco effect we can supply you with a full colorful disco light.

Our outdoor lighting is perfect for Halloween themed parties and events. How about Christmas events like grotto’s. Lighting hire is important to any event. We want to help you find exactly what you are looking for and work closely with you to achieve this.

You may be working towards a budget or maybe you just need some advice and we are here to help. There are two ways you can book lighting hire from us, we can deliver and set up for you. Alternatively, you can go for our dry hire service and meet us where we are based in Chertsey. 

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions even if it isn’t to do with our lighting. Most of the lighting hire we provide is easy to use therefore you do not need to be an expert to operate these.

We can also supply you with a lighting technician for the event. Our technicians are experienced in all kinds of events whether its a staging production or a festival lighting show, because we know lighting hire is important to any event take a look at our range below.


Equinox Crossfire XP LED Disco Light - £15.00 ex VAT

This room filling effect features 8 gobos that sweep the room whilst changing colour. The unit works well as a stand-alone centrepiece or can be combined and linked in master/slave mode. Loaded with 8 x 10W RGBW LEDs it covers large rooms with ease making them ideal for mobile entertainers and small venues.



  • Power consumption: 85W
  •  Power supply: 100~240V, 50/60Hz
  •  Fuse: T1A 250V
  • Dimensions: 250 x 255 x 240mm
  •  Weight: 3.85kg

elumen8 Evora 850 Zoom Spot - £30.00 ex VAT

The Evora 850 Zoom Spot moving head boasts a comprehensive list of features all contained in a compact, lightweight housing. The 200W LED generates an impressive output creating perfectly focused gobo projections as well as superb aerial effects. A DMX controlled motorised focus ensures that projections are always sharp over any distance and the motorised zoom function can remotely change the beam angle between 11° – 22°.

  • Power consumption: 233W
  • Power supply: 100~240V, 50/60Hz
  • Fuse: T3A 250V
  • Dimensions: 470 x 295 x 180mm
  • Weight: 10.6kg

elumen8 Evora CMY300 Zoom Spot Moving Head - £40.00 ex VAT

The Evora CMY300 Zoom Spot boasts an immensely bright 300W LED with crystal clear optics, and with an adjustable beam angle from 4.5° to 38° it can achieve tight beams through to wide washes. This feature packed head offers both static and rotating gobo wheels, linear and circular prisms, variable frost filter, high CRI filter along with motorised zoom, focus and iris. Endless colours can be achieved with CMY colour mixing, along with a colour wheel and CTO filter. Suited to rental, stage and touring the LED is flicker-free with an adjustable refresh rate. Control is via DMX, RDM, Kling-Net, Art-NET and sACN protocols, and for further convenience wireless DMX is on-board via W-DMX Sweden.

  • Power consumption: 437W
  • Power supply: 100~240V 50/60Hz
  • Fuse: T5A 250V
  • Noise level: 44dBA @ 1m (low speed), 50dBA @ 1m (auto speed), 55dBA @ 1m (high speed)
  • Dimensions (H x D x W): 600 x 370 x 230mm
  • Weight: 19.3kg

Laserworld EL60G Compact Green Laser - £30.00 ex VAT

Often used in bars, small clubs, at private parties or home use. A green single colour laser system. Approx. 50 preset patterns: layers, tunnels, fences, waves etc. Ensures a high visibility and brightness. A sound-to-light mode as well as a stand-alone mode


  • Total Power: 40mW (min) / 60mW (max)
  • Power Green: >40mW / 532nm
  • Laser: Diode, aircooled DPSS laser
  • Laser Class: 3B
  • Control Mode: Music
  • Scanner: High-speed stepper motors, 2-5kpps
  • Scan Angle: +/-30° max
  • Beam: ca. 3mm / 1.5mrad
  • Basic Patterns: ca. 50 (layers, tunnels, fences, waves, etc)
  • Accessories: Power cable, manual
  • Power Supply: 85V – 250V AC
  • Power Consumption: 40W

Laserworld CS1000 RGB 7 Colour Laser - £65.00 ex VAT

The Laserworld CS-1000RGB MKII is a full colour RGB laser system with a total output power of up to 1,000mW and a minimum output power of 800mW. The red laser source at 650nm has an output power of >200mW, the green at 532nm of >70mW  and the royal-blue laser source at a wavelength of 445nm has an output power of >530mW. The laser sources ensure brilliant colours and powerful laser beams. The projector has good beam specifications with a beam diameter of about 3mm and beam divergence of 2.0mrad. The galvo system has a scan speed of up to 30kpps.

  • Total Power typical: 1’000mW
  • Guaranteed power: 800mW
  • Power Red: 200mW/650nm
  • Power Green: 70mW/532nm
  • Power Blue: 530mW/445nm
  • Beam Specifications: ca. 3mm / 2mrad
  • Laser Sources: Diode, DPSS Laser
  • Laser Class: 4
  • Operation Modes: auto, music, DMX, ILDA, master-slave
  • Scanner: galvo system, 30kpps at 4°
  • Scan Angle max.: 40°
  • Basic Patterns: ca. 200 (layers, tunnels, fences, waves, etc.)
  • Accessories: power cable, manual, interlock connector, key
  • Power Supply: 85V – 250V AC
  • Power Consumption: 60 W
  • Dimensions: 220/155/145 mm
  • Weight: 3,15 kg

Laserworld DS-3000RGB MK2 Pure Diode Laser 2800mW - £85.00 ex VAT

The Laserworld DS-3000RGB MK2 units come with diode-only laser sources (“Pure Diode”) and thus have great beam specifications with beautiful analogue colour modulation.

The Laserworld DS-3000RGB MK2 units have a built-in network DAC for Showcontroller and Showeditor, but also can be controlled with any ILDA laser control software such as Pangolin Quickshow, Pangolin Beyond, LSX, Lasergraph DSP, etc. via external ILDA interface (e.g. FB3). They also have a built-in memory with pre-set patterns(which can also be changed / updated by user), that can be easily triggered through DMX, stand-alone and sound-to-light mode.

The Laserworld DS-3000RGB MK2 comes with integrated ShowNET network interface and free laser show software. Details in the box below.

Beginners as well as professionals use the Laserworld Diode Series units, as they are easy to use, versatile in their features and very compact and lightweight.

The Laserworld DS-3000RGB MK2 comes with 650 mW / 638 nm and uses green diodes at 900 mW / 520 nm. The blue diode has 1’600 mW / 450 nm.

Beam specifications are at great ca. 4 mm / 0.9 mrad full angle and scanning can go as fast as 40 kpps@8° ILDA, whereas the scanners can scan a maximum angle of 50°. With integrated and switchable scan safety.

The whole projector is built with Sealed Housing technology and thus maintenance intervals can be kept very low.

The Laserworld DS-3000RGB MK2 features an integrated ShowNET network interface with free laser control software included!

Start with your own professional laser show thanks to the intuitive Showeditor laser show software which comes with every new Laserworld DS-3000RGB MK2 for free. The Showcontroller software is supported as well and can be purchased additionally.

The integrated ShowNET allows for direct input through ILDA and LAN. Besides DMX, it is possible to trigger single frames via ArtNET. YCustom frames and shows can be played back from an integrated SD card (included in delivery) – even in sound-to-light and stand-alone mode.

  • 3’000 mW guaranteed power
  • Graphics capable – 40 kpps@8° ILDA
  • Max scan angle 50°
  • Full-colour mixing – analogue modulation
  • Extremely sharp intense beams – ca. 4 mm beam diameter and low divergence of 0.9 mrad
  • Save safety settings direct to the laser and they apply in all modes
  • Link multiple units with linking Power, DMX and ILDA
  • Free computer control software – Showeditor – upgradable to Showcontroller
  • Multiple control modes – Auto, Sound to light, DMX, Artnet and ILDA

LEDJ 100W UV COB Flood - £15.00 ex VAT

Featuring COB technology this robust flood is loaded with a 100W UV LED which is housed in a 80° reflector and supplied with three beam reduction lenses (25°, 40° and 50°). This fixture has been designed to fill a variety of venues with an outstanding UV glow and is easy to transport and install. The high output LED is ideal for washing stages, nightclubs, bowling centres and skating rinks.

  • Power consumption: 160W
  • Power supply: 100~240V, 50/60Hz
  • Fuse: T2A 250V
  • Dimensions: 282 x 306 x 244mm
  • Weight: 4.2kg

Equinox Micro Par RGBW - £10.00 ex VAT

This fixture features 1W LEDs and produces a varied range of effects including colour change and fade effects controllable in auto and sound active modes along with DMX. It features an ABS plastic housing with twin brackets making it suitable for truss mounting or floor standing.

LEDJ PF 35 Profile Spot WW - £15.00 ex VAT

The PF 35 Profile spot is a mini profile powered by a high output 35W LED and uses a high quality optical system for sharp and precise projection. The beam angle can be manually focused and also adjusted via the 4 framing shutters. Custom gobos can be fitted into the unit via the easy access slot. A glass textured gobo and 4 metal effect gobos are also included. A removable frame allows users to easily insert coloured filters. 0-100% output and dimmer curves can be selected via the on-board 4 button LED menu or DMX.

LEDJ Ninja Zoom 250 Spot Light - £15.00 ex VAT

The Ninja Zoom 250 is a compact versatile zoom fixture loaded with a 40W quad-colour RGBW LED and a variable beam angle from 4° to 29°. Smooth colour mixing coupled with a flexible beam size creates focused spots or large area washes in one compact housing. The rear menu system allows control of static colours, fades and chases, zoom, master/slave, sound activation and DMX modes.

  • Power consumption: 50W
  • Power supply: 100~240V, 50/60Hz
  • Fuse: F1A 250V
  • Dimensions: 221 x 183 x 280mm
  • Weight: 2.3kg

ETC Source Four Junior Zoom - £10.00 ex VAT

If you’re looking for the field-angle versatility of a zoom ellipsoidal with the affordability and design of a smaller fixture, then you’re looking for the Source Four jr Zoom. Great for application on the small stage or in clubs, retail events and industrials, the Source Four jr Zoom boasts rugged ETC fixture construction and all the celebrated precision optics of a Source Four.

  • 25º-50º Zoom
  • Rated up to 575W
  • Super-efficient HPL lamp
  • Faceted dichroic reflector removes 90% of IR heat from beam
  • Two-plane stainless-steel shutter blade assembly
  • Rugged die-cast aluminum construction
  • Supports ETC Dimmer Doubling

Mirror Ball 60cm (24")

This glass facet mirror ball is ideal for a variety of installations in nightclubs, bars and restaurants. Being a large size of 60cm this mirror ball will bring the woo factor to any event.

  • Weight: 12.1kg

ADJ Element HEXIP Wireless LED Uplighter - £20.00 ex VAT

Element HEX IP is an IP54 outdoor rated battery powered LED Par with ADJ’s WiFLY EXR wireless DMX for indoor or outdoor use. It’s powered by four 10W RGBAW+UV (6-IN-1) LEDs. The Element Par Series are lightweight and easy to operate with a carry handle and kickstand for uplighting, staging, events, productions and any mobile application.

No cables or wires needed!

LEDJ 8 X 4.5 Meter CW LED Black Star Cloth - £60.00 ex VAT

This superior quality starcloth twinkles and fades, making it suitable for any entertainer or event that requires a professional backdrop behind their booth or stage area. As its illumination source is LED it produces extremely sharp points of light, yet they are much less costly than fibre optics, which were used in light curtains of the past.

  • 288 x 5mm cool white LEDs
  • Fast fixx™ velcro tabs
  • Low reflection, fire retardant material
  • Zippers for seamless cloth jointing on all four sides.
  • System includes: one 8 x 4.5m LED star cloth and one DMX controller.
  • Sound active, auto run and auto fade modes
  • IEC power input, 3-Pin XLR input/output

Acme XP-5R BEAM F Moving Head - £35.00 ex VAT

Philips MSD Platinum 5R (8000K) with average lamp life of 2500hrs. It has a Beam angle of 1°~3.8°. Set up DMX address and other functions at outage. High light output and high quality optical lens. Electronic Ballast: High power, flicker-free factor and less weight.  Pan/Tilt: 540°/270°. Automatic Pan/Tilt position correction. Easy calibration and maintenance by magnetic home positioning.

eLumen8 Kudos 350ZS LED Wash Moving Head - £30.00 ex VAT

The eLumen8 Kudos 350ZS utilises nineteen 15W quad-colour (RGBW) LEDs combined with a motorised zoom (5°– 60°) offering superior colour mixing, producing vibrant colours and hues outputting in a perfectly even wash. This dynamic yet compact moving head is not only loaded with a variety of control options, it also features a vivid RGB backlight creating stunning ‘eye candy’ effects.

  • Power consumption: 210W
  • Power supply: 100~240V, 50/60Hz
  • Fuse: T4A 250V
  • Dimensions: 400 x 300 x 195mm
  • Weight: 8.1kg

Showtec Spectral M800 Q4 IP65 Par Can - £15.00 ex VAT

The Showtec Spectral M800 Q4 IP65 has been upgraded to a true RGBW fixture. This not only enrichinges the entire color spectrum, but also increases the light output by 30%. The built-in virtual color wheel, which contains the most common colors, is accessible via manual control or in automatic mode. An aluminium die-cast housing, 14 RGBW LEDs providing a great color mix in the near field without any RGB colour shadows and a full IP65 rating for housing, XLR and Seetronic power connectors ensuries reliable outdoors use even in the most severe weather conditions. With this upgraded fixture the Showtec Spectral series will continue the legacy of being the most popular and reliable industry standard for professional entertainment lighting.

  • 100-240 V AC 50-60 Hz
  • Power Consumption 65 W
  • Power Connector In powerCON TRUE1
  • Power Connector Out powerCON TRUE1

Showtec Helix S5000 Q4 LED Wash Light - £30.00 ex VAT

The Showtec Helix s5000 has 40 Prolight Opto RGBW 4-in-1 LEDs, you will have absolutely no problem in colouring large areas. The 10° optic lenses generate a very strong beam and for more versatility, you can always use one of the optional beam shapers: 20°, 40° or 15×60°. Besides these magnetic beam shapers, a barndoor or tophat is available as a separate option as well. With a rating of IP-65 and sturdy design, this unit is well equipped to be used outdoors.

The Helix S5000 is compatible with the Helix 4000 because they use the same colour presets and personalities. On top of this, the Helix S5000 has Section control. Each unit has been equipped with WDMX by Wireless Solution Sweden and the 180° Flip-function gives you the opportunity to always place the unit in such a way that the cables and connectors are no longer visible. Rigging is also no issue because the unit comes complete with Quicklocks. We have even added a backlight touch display so you will be able to control your Helix S5000 under any circumstance where light is scarce. If you need to transport them, you can use our Premium line flight case which will fit both models: Helix 4000 Q4 and Helix S5000.

5 Sections control
W-DMX by Wireless Solutions Sweden
IP-65 rated
10° and optional available Beamshapers

LED System: 40 x Prolight Opto RGBW 4-in-1 10W LEDs
Output@2m: 54000lux
Refresh rate: 3, 4, 6, 12kHzPower Supply: AC 100-240V 50/60 Hz
Power Consumption: 415W
Control Mode: Auto/ built-in programs, Master/slave, DMX / RDM
DMX channels: 4, 6, 8, 20, 24ch
Dimmer: 0-100%
Dim Curves: 4
Strobe: 0-20Hz
Beam Angle: 10° (optional 20°, 40°, 15×60°)
Tilt Angle: 0-180°
Operation temperature: -10~40°C
IP-Rating: IP-65
Housing: Die-cast aluminium
Colour: Black
Power Connectors: Powercon True1
Data Connectors: XLR-HD 5-pin
Cooling: Forced-air

532 x 320 x 122 mm


LEDJ Pixel Storm 12 HEX Batten - £20.00 ex VAT

Featuring 12 x 12W RGBWAUV LEDs, the Pixel Storm 12 HEX provides an intense output for colour, white or blacklight applications. Individual pixel mapping of each LED, along with electronic dimming, strobe and colour change effects, gives users the ability to create stunning effects. Control is facilitated via a 4 button LED menu on the rear of the unit.

  • Power consumption: 150W
  • Power supply: 100~240V, 50/60Hz
  • Fuse: F3A 250V
  • Dimensions: 155 x 1035 x 145mm
  • Weight: 6.6kg

Aspect Exterior 9W Red Feature Light - £10.00 ex VAT

This stylish, compact feature light has 3 x 3W RED LEDs that produce a bright beam of light to illuminate and highlight outdoor areas including gardens, paths, foliage and facades. This IP65 rated fixture comes in a die-cast alloy housing and has an IP rated 0.75m power input/output linkable trailing connections for professional installation.

Aspect Exterior 9W Green Feature Light - £10.00 ex VAT

This stylish, compact feature light has 3 x 3W GREEN LEDs that produce a bright beam of light to illuminate and highlight outdoor areas including gardens, paths, foliage and facades. This IP65 rated fixture comes in a die-cast alloy housing and has an IP rated 0.75m power input/output linkable trailing connections for professional installation.

Aspect Exterior 9W Light Blue Feature Light - £10.00 ex VAT

This stylish, compact feature light has 3 x 3W LIGHT BLUE LEDs that produce a bright beam of light to illuminate and highlight outdoor areas including gardens, paths, foliage and facades. This IP65 rated fixture comes in a die-cast alloy housing and has an IP rated 0.75m power input/output linkable trailing connections for professional installation.

Aspect Exterior 9W Cool White Feature Light - £10.00 ex VAT

This stylish, compact feature light has 3 x 3W COOL WHITE LEDs that produce a bright beam of light to illuminate and highlight outdoor areas including gardens, paths, foliage and facades. This IP65 rated fixture comes in a die-cast alloy housing and has an IP rated 0.75m power input/output linkable trailing connections for professional installation.

Showtec Sunstrip Active Mk2 - £15.00 ex VAT

The Sunstrip Active MKII is the successor of the already popular Sunstrip Active. It is equal to the Sunstrip Active however this version offers you some extra features such as: invert function, opportunity to change the logo in the display into your company name, protection function for the mode button and fast addressing. The Sunstrip Active MKII has four DMX modes: 1 channel, 2 channel, 5 channel and 10 channel. For stand-alone applications, the Sunstrip Active MKII is equipped with 16 built-in patterns as well as a manual dimmer. With its Neutrik Powercon in- and output the Sunstrip is suitable for the most demanding users on the road. For easy mounting the Sunstrip Active MKII is equipped with two Wall/Floor brackets as well as several M10 nuts, in order to put your clamp in any desired position.

Martin Atomic 3000 Strobe - £15.00 ex VAT

Variable strobe:  0 – 650 ms (50 Hz supply), or 0 – 530 ms (60 Hz supply). Strobe rate is 0 – 25 flashes/second (50 Hz supply), 0 – 30 flashes/second (60 Hz supply). Blinder effect is continuous with auto fade. Strobe intensity is Blackout – maximumSpecial effects. Ramp up, ramp down, ramp up-down, random flash, lightning, spikes, blinder, single flash. Control options are DMX, stand-alone, multi-fixture chase (with Detonator remote), MC-1DMX channels:  1, 3, and 4 channel modesStand-alone control:  Via N.O. or N.C. SPST switchStand-alone options:  Selectable flash rate or blinder effectSetting and addressing via DIP switch.

Lighting Package (Small) – £25.00 ex VAT

  • 2 X Equinox Crossfire XP LED Disco Light
  • 1 X K&M T Bar Light Stand

All Cables Included

Lighting Package (Large) – £45.00 ex VAT

  • 4 X Equinox Crossfire XP LED Disco Light
  • 2 X K&M T Bar Light Stand

All Cables Included

Moving Head Package (Small) – £60.00 ex VAT

  • 2 X eLumen8 Kudos 350ZS LED Wash Moving Head
  • 2 X 1 Meter F34 Truss Podium
  • 2 X Truss Up Lighter

All Cables Included

Moving Head Package (Large) – £110.00 ex VAT

  • 4 X eLumen8 Kudos 350ZS LED Wash Moving Head
  • 4 X 1 Meter F34 Truss Podium
  • 4 X Truss Up Lighter

All Cables Included

Up Lighting Package (Small) – £80.00 ex VAT

  • 6 X Showtec Spectral M800 Tour Par

All Cables Included

Up Lighting Package (Large) – £155.00 ex VAT

  • 12 X Showtec Spectral M800 Tour Par

All Cables Included

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